Dynamics and Control

Erjen Lefeber



  • E. Lefeber, Tracking Control of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, PhD Thesis, 2000.
    Promotores: H. Kwakernaak, H. Nijmeijer; Committee members: A. Bagchi, B. Jonker, C. Samson, A.J. van der Schaft, J.E. Rooda. [PDF]


  • E. Lefeber, (Adaptive) control of chaotic and robot systems via bounded feedback control, University of Twente, Department of Applied Mathematics, Enschede, The Netherlands, MSc Thesis, 1996.
    Supervisor: H. Kwakernaak; Coach: H. Nijmeijer; Committee members: H. Berghuis, A.J. van der Schaft. [PDF]