Dynamics and Control

Erjen Lefeber

Unpublished (submitted or in preparation)


  • A.R.P. Andrien, E. Lefeber, D.J. Antunes, W.P.M.H. Heemels, Model Predictive Control for Quadcopters with Almost Global Trajectory Tracking Guarantees, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2023.
  • S.T.G. Fleuren, H.M. Jansen, E. Lefeber, Y. Nazarathy, Traffic equations for fluid networks with overflows, submitted to Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, 2022.

In preparation

  • E. Lefeber, M. Greiff, A. Robertsson, H. Nijmeijer, Filtered Output Feedback Tracking Control of a Quadrotor UAV, In preparation.
  • E. Lefeber, R.B.A. van Hoek, J. Ploeg, String Stability of Cooperative Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicle Platoons, In preparation.
  • X. Yang, E. Lefeber, Adaptive Controllers for Parameter estimation in Heterogeneous Vehicle Platooning, In preparation.